I'm Tai Blue, an Arizona-born and Colorado-based artist. Rocky Mountain living is always an adventure. I get out in the winter skiing and summer backpacking the Rockies. With my two kitties and me based in the Mile High City, I enjoy the city life with nature just a stone's throw away.


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Foundations Course

In this separate set of courses in the Academy, each student will be able to go through a series of tutorials to understand drawing foundations and leave with a better sense of perspective, composition, tonal values, and textures. Coming March 2022!

Two New Tutorials every Month

Each month I'll come out with at least two color pencil tutorials. One focused on begginer foundations and focus. A second video advanced and focused on finished a larger subject.

Library Vault

Gain access to all previous tutorials beginning and advanced. Choose from a multitude of subjects in color pencil.

Join me on Live Streams on Zoom

Join me twice a month as I go live on YouTube with members of the Academy. Draw with me, ask questions and chat with us.

We focus on a variety of portrait subjects.



Our Beloved Pets

Focus Tutorials

This is an ongoing monthly art course(s.) Where you'll receive two NEW color pencil tutorials a month.


Here's an inside look into our Academy.

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What's a course like in the Academy?

Check out the first part from our advanced Tutorial in January.

Please note that this video does not include any attachments that come with the tutorial.

Some kind words

John L.B.

Ms. Blue is the perfect instructor for anyone who feels self-doubt or is nervous about their ability as an artist. Her passion, joy, good humor, and endless creativity are constant sources of inspiration. Her influence has shaped me as a creator and given me the support I needed to become the best artist I can be!

I'm glad you're here!


I enjoy doing art, and I enjoy teaching. It's always been natural to me, and I want to share that with you. Art is a wonderful way to make us feel fulfilled and have a sense of purpose as we open ourselves up to self-expression. So I want to share my love for color pencils and realism with you. 

In this Color Pencil Art Academy, in each tutorial you'll receive a better sense and more profound knowledge of the fundamentals of drawing your subjects in a natural and realistic style. I'll be talking and showing you how I get life-like features, tonal values, textures, and more.

These tutorials are here to hone your skills and give you the confidence to create the art and life of your dreams.


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